A girls’ adventure story that has everything: shipwreck, treasure, survival in the wild, strange animals, cross-cultural friendship, wicked villains and kidnapping, set against the pristine southern coastline and virgin forests of Western Australia in 1834. Ages 10-14.

Katie O’Donoghue, an eleven-year-old servant girl, is lost and alone on a strange, deserted shore. Desperately, she searches for shelter, food and water. But there are no villages, no roads or houses. Just a long coast stretching east to west, wild ocean to the south, and a dark forest of tall, tall trees inland. Can Katie survive? Can she trust the people she finally meets and escape the bad men who think she knows where treasure is buried? Educational notes and maps are included.

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THE BALLAD OF BECKY LEES (working title)

Becky Lees came to the new Swan River Colony as a baby. After her Ma's tragic death, she travels with her Pa, taking goods to outlying settlements by bullock wagon. She loves that free life, but her Pa dies in an accident, leaving her alone in the bush. She is rescued by an Aboriginal family who are travelling inland for the winter.

By springtime, she is accepted by her adoptive family, but after a fatal attack by white soldiers, she must return to her own people and finds a home with widowed Meg Kenyon. The hardships faced by Becky and Meg in those early years of white settlement reflect realities often overlooked in novels about the colonial gentry. (The image shown is a mock-up. The final cover and title may be different).

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