A Tale of Western Australia’s Swan River Colony

Even the most rural village in Britain had a road of sorts, a village well and a church. In this new colony there was only sand, scrub and forest. But little Becky Lees had lived there since babyhood. She knew no other life.

Left alone in the wild after her father’s death, Becky is rescued by Aboriginal people and travels with them for some months, before being taken in by a young widow struggling to raise her little sons on a remote farm.

Then teenage Becky finds a lasting love. But life is never a fairy tale, and fate has much more trauma in store for her before she can finally find happiness.

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A girls’ adventure story that has everything: shipwreck, treasure, survival in the wild, strange animals, cross-cultural friendship, wicked villains and kidnapping, set against the pristine southern coastline and virgin forests of Western Australia in 1834. Ages 10-14.

Katie O’Donoghue, an eleven-year-old servant girl, is lost and alone on a strange, deserted shore. Desperately, she searches for shelter, food and water. But there are no villages, no roads or houses. Just a long coast stretching east to west, wild ocean to the south, and a dark forest of tall, tall trees inland. Can Katie survive? Can she trust the people she finally meets and escape the bad men who think she knows where treasure is buried? Educational notes and maps are included.

Available online from the following and other online bookstores

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